About the company

Communication specialises in personality development and communication support training programs.

Our clients:

a) Corporate employees (CEOs, top management, key employees, specialists…)

b) Individuals who want to improve their communication skills and quality of life.

Since 2005 we have implemented education programs and training aimed at personal development and the support of communication potential of the individual to determine their energy potential and communication skills via the METES © personality method.

The METEST© represents support for the road to personal development because it helps you identify unused or rarely used potential. Many of us are intuitive as to whether and where something is wrong, but then again - we do nothing if we are not sure and we don't know what to do.

Designation of one or more areas in which you don’t use your potential adequately is the first step on the rod to self-awareness. During the training – under the supervision of an experienced coach you can discover why this is the case and what you can do to raise your personal potential.

The personal development training is on an individual basis from the second phase onwards. The training sessions feature energy training, - which, along with METEST© result analysis, Tao exercises, selected, selected Toltec techniques and meditation and a comprehensive personality reinforcement program.

The type of lifestyle you lead reflects yourself. Your life is formed not only by your personal potential, but particularly by how consciously you are prepared to use it.

One of the greatest changes is registered when freeing unused energy potential due to it being bound in the mechanical use of behaviour and lifestyle patterns. The potential needs to be released gradually by the elimination of unconscious use of ways of looking at yourself and the world around you. Energy manifests itself in a change in the quality of life in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual areas.

ĽS Franz