Coaching is focused on the development of the internal potential of the individual.  Coaching helps you to understand life correlations and orientate yourself in the current situation  Coaching leads to deepened self-awareness, stimulates energy potential.

An individual coaching program based on the METEST© method helps to improve communication and presentation skills, interpersonal relationships, improves goal, challenge and change orientation, helps increase concentration and focus to achieve the objective of improving teamwork and social inclusion, increases efficiency, helps the continuous improvement in management skills, supports self management and time management with ones energy and its efficient use.

Coaching helps to change patterns of mechanical behaviour and perception, activates your ability to look at the logical aspects of life and find the abstract connections between seemingly disparate events that affect your life.

METEST© method coaching supports the implementation of the conscious yearning to develop that is inherent in all of us. Coaching brings about a change in your perception of the world and increases the quality of your life in physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual areas via helping you discover and comprehend yourself and through better use of your personal and energy potential.

This method helps you to bring you closer to the answer to the question of where the roots of integrity in your life lay.

On the basis of targeted questions asked by the coach, the participant becomes aware of their capabilities and needs, develops their own intrinsic values and identity, learns to handle and use their energy to develop their strengths and eliminate weaker states the objectives, priorities and alternatives solutions.

Relaxation and meditation exercises form an integral part of coaching.


Who is coaching meant for?

Everybody who is looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Who am I and what do I want?
  • Who am I now and where do I want to go?
  • Is the road I am taking the right one?
  • Can I handle stress, crisis and specific problems?
  • How should I react in tense situations?
  • How can I find a balance between my private and professional lives?
  • How can I resolve the conflict between my internal self and external circumstances?
  • How can I resolve the crises between what I want and what others expect of me?

Coaching definitions

On the basis of unbiased leadership from the coach you will find yourself considering more closely the models of your own behaviour and its impact on relationships within your community, you will discover your options for further development and growth. 

An important aspect of individual coaching is finding appropriate ways to effectively implement the suggested ways to develop and achieve the aims.

Coaching techniques

Asking targeted questions, visualisation, consultation, on-camera training, the analysis of  model instances, in-depth analysis of situations, model situations, role playing, interactive exercises, feedback, analysis of self-knowledge, meditation exercises to harmonise energy and body relaxation exercises.