The founder’s profile

Ľubomíra Slušná – Franz – executive director of Communication Ltd. And president of the Association for Culture Education and communication (ACEC).

Ľubomíra Slušná – Franz is the founder of Communication Ltd. (2005) which focuses on education regarding personality and communication skill development for individuals on the basis of designation of energy potential through METEST© methodology.

Her professional motto is: “Use  METEST© - get to know your personality energy potential, improve your communication and quality of life.”

Ľubomíra is convinced that there are hidden possibilities within each of us of which we have no clue. Her aim is to help people discover themselves and learn to use their energy potential.

Ľubomíra is the co-author of the Personal Development Plan, the METEST© energy potential designation method and the accompanying accredited training programs.

Face to Face – communication with individuals Face to Team – group communication Face to Public – addressing he public Face to media – media communication, pre-media presentation refreshment

In the field of coaching, the focus is on personal development by promoting self-awareness techniques, removing mental, emotional and subconsciously "forgotten" blocks, removing fear, trepidation and uncertainty, increasing activity motivation, decision making and problem solving, discovering and using personal potential, improving strengths, economical and efficient use of ones own energy in order to achieve a better and more fulfilling quality of life.

In addition to coaching and communication training, the topic of communication is addressed both socially and internationally in order to develop communication applied in unconventional forms.

As President of the Association for Culture, Education and Communication (ACEC) for more than ten years, Ľubomíra has led projects designed to improve and enhance communication and interpersonal relationships, social, education and culture (New York, Washington DC, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, Prague , Warsaw, Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Minsk.). In 2001 she was awarded the Ministry of Foreign Affairs award for her contribution to the solution of crisis in the Balkans.


  • Effective NGO activity marketing communication. Warsaw, Poland.
  • The application of new communication strategies in high-risk groups of society – the Roma for society pilot project. The University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA
  • Communication strategy focused on civil society, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA
  • Communication of grave and problematic themes - non-traditional forms, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA
  • Nationwide communication and information media campaign, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA
  • Communication of Health, Education and Art in Roma Settlements, conference, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Ľubomíra Slušná – Franz works as a PR and communication strategy advisor. Between 2004 and 2008 she was a member of the external advisory board for the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Throughout her professional career she has initiated and implemented dozens of successful projects focused on the development and improvement of communication in both Slovakia and on an international basis.

She is the creator and guarantor of numerous educational, information and media campaigns and international projects including:

  • Welcome understanding (2000)
  • We are in the same boat (2001)
  • .... And we finally reached Washington.... Slovak paper art (2002)
  • Slovakia is ready (2003)
  • Slovensko – Europe on a small scale (2004 – 2007)
  • Healthy communities (2004 – present)
  • Slovakia presents: A celebration of central European diversity, New York (2005 – 2006)
  • White greetings from Belarus, Minsk (2005 – 2006)
  • Living together (2005 – 2007)
  • GYPSY SPIRIT (2009-2011)
  • V4 through my eyes (2011)


Certificates:     Global Leadership Training

                        Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine

Ľubomíra Slušná – Franz  is a Zen practitioner