Media sessions

Presentations and workshops

Arts from Paper in Slovakia and in the international connections, Craft Museum, New York City, USA  (2001)

"The woman - the creative personality of the Third Millennium" (2003), IV international Conference

The Roma community in Slovakia (a pilot communication application and education strategy, Columbia University, New York, USA (2005)

Communication of grave and problematic themes - non-traditional forms, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA, University of  Wisconsin, Green Bay, USA  (2007)

Healthy Communities – communication with difficult to reach target groups, examples of field work, the European Commission, Brussels. (2008)

Communication of  Health Education and Art in Roma Settlements, Konferencia, The University of Newcastle, Australia (2009)

Roma for society, Brussels (2010)

Media sessions
A list of media activities performed by Lubomíra Slušná – Franz

MIAU, September 2004:  we are all in the same boat
CONNECTION, April 2006: The Association for Culture, education and Communication – The vision and the mission.
DOMINO EFEKT, June 2007: We don’t understand what being different is
SLOVENKA, DECEMBER 2003: The Roma point of view BUSINESS SLOVAKIA, 2004: Europe on a Small Scale grande Finale in Vienna
EUROBIZNIS, 2004 : ACEC project presented by Slovakia in Vienna
Ausland, marec 2006: „Mehr als Brückenschläge auf Zeit“
Domino Fórum, 2006: White greatings for Belarus
WHO 2008 :  Healthy Communities case study.